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"After I got a certification through the UK as a saddle fitter in 2011, I am now so grateful that I got to participate and get certified in Saddlefit4life. It opened my eyes to how much knowledge one must have to work in this industry. And how important it is that we update ourselves regularly. Saddlefit4life is the only education that provides the correct, scientific method of saddle fitting for horse and rider. I am so grateful that I have been able to participate in this program, And I'm so happy I can share this with my clients, so the horse and rider get a better situation. For me, this has always been very interesting, and I am passionate about this job. For me, this is the welfare of the horse, lifestyle and a mission."

Service region: All Norway

Saltilpassing og salmakerarbeid for hest og rytter.

Hvamsvegen 463, 2150 Årnes
TlF +47 92573070
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